Lazy post


Hi Hi,

I AM ONE LAZY BISH. I wanna make up few excuses for the lack of updates but too lazy to that oso. 

Still am lazy hence the photos, *gelek sikit*

My cute and funny niece, Adriana.


Benji after being rescued, survived two days without food. *proud of you baby*

Mat Salleh breakfast for me and opah.

Opah and her mat salleh breakfast. LOL

yours truli, hekhekhek

Benji making out with Marko

Well, this is magical utensil i found in my kitchen to make half boiled eggs. It has a tiny hole at the bottom of the bowl. fill the boiling water in up to the level, wait for the water to come out and wallaaa, you have a perfect half boiled egg.

I ask my sister to brag at school, turned out everybody has it. -________-"

Mom after the lumbar puncture

That's soo nice of them :D

Celebrating my brother's birthday at the Hospital.

Benji trying to pull out 'the puss in the boot' look. I cair-ed.

It's been raining so...

Tehee, im gonna curl under the quilt now. Good Night :D

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