My twin pregnancy story - Pengalaman mengandung anak kembar.


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

What to expect - twins pregnancy.

Alhamdulillah i have safely delivered my twin babies three months ago, which seems just like yesterday. Time flies when your having so much fun you have a baby, or babies in my case.

I had a wonderful and smooth-sailing pregnancy, Alhamdulillah and i loved every second of it. I am just lucky that even though twins pregnancy is categorised under the "high risk" pregnancy, mine was okay and i didn't face any complication during that period. 

I wrote about how we found out that we're pregnant in this entry and i thought it would be nice to have my nine months pregnancy journey to be documented here, while the memory is still fresh in my head.

First Trimester

This is the most trying time of all. After 8 week i started to have a terrible all day sickness and was so weak that i can barely do anything. Nothing i consume would stay down, i need my puke bowl with me all the time (ew). I was sleepy and drowsy the whole day and this condition continues until week 16. We decided to wait until week 14 to do the ultrasound scan, and that's when we found out that we're conceiving twins. I should've recorded my husband's face when the doctor broke the news, he was speechless and i saw his face turning white lol.

I later found out that twin mums will experience far worst morning sickness than mums carrying a singleton. I don't think this is necessarily true because i've met singleton mum whom had worst morning sickness than i did, so it probably depends on individuals.

I was supposed to start my masters research at that time but decided to extend a semester until i am fully recovered. I ended up taking a year off my study mihmihmih. I literally spent my first trimester on my bed.

Second Trimester

They say second trimester is the best time during pregnancy and i agree! The tiredness and drowsiness eased off slowly and i am finally regaining all my energy and my appetite back. My tummy started to show and i started to feel a tingling sensation inside my tummy. I knew then, that my babies are big enough, i can finally feel their moves. The feeling was special and right at that moment i know i have fallen in love with my babies, tiny mini me that i haven't even met yet. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this special gift.

I also blow up like a whale during the second trimester. I can no longer wear my normal clothes and shoes and extending my maternity wardrobe means living in my husband's t-shirt and sweat pants and going out in black abaya. I also bought oversized legging because that's the only clothes i am comfortable wearing.

In terms of supplement, i swear by shaklee vitamins, they are sooo good (of course dengan izin Allah). I bought their pregnancy set and started consuming once i entered second trimester and Alhamdulillah it work wonders for my body.

I would love to continue my third trimester story, but my babies are crying now. I am gonna continue my third trimester and my labor story in the next post. Gotta go now.

Bye :)

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