My twin birth story.


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Finally, here comes the most dreaded but also anticipated part of my pregnancy, the finishing line, the labor. If you haven't read about my pregnancy story you can read it here and here. My due date was initially on November 15th, 2015 but after careful consideration and extensive discussion with my gynae, i requested for an elective cesarean on the October 30th, 2015.

My babies, on the other hand, have a mind of their own and so eager to see mummy and daddy, so they decided to say Assalamualaikum earlier.

October 15th, 2015 

My husband went back to work the day before and it's risky to stay alone towards the end of pregnancy so i decided to stay at my parents house. I remember, it was just like any other day, i spent most of my time in my bedroom and was online a lot. In the evening while browsing facebook i saw someone posted a video of her singing on smule (the app) and it looked so much fun. If you don't know me, i love singing so i downloaded that app on my iphone and started figuring out how it works. I even sign up to the free VIP pass so that i can sing more song.

I started singing one song and posted it on my girlfriends group whatsapp, even gushed about how awesome the app is and forced them to download it. Most of them ended up downloading it bahaha.

I sang a few song then it's Maghrib prayer time so i stopped and i prayed and read Quran for a while till Isya'. After that i continued singing on the apps. Mengaji pastu menyanyi, so bipolar right?

I also texted my cousin that night (he is a doctor), and asked him about the cesarean procedures and what to expect during the whole process. Free consultation yay! It must be the natural instinct, you can sense when you are nearing labor.

I don't know what had gotten into me that night, but i felt so energetic, i can't stop singing and i can't sleep.

Well, I didn't know that singing actually induces labor -.-' If you want to induce labor, try singing and try singing Adele song. I would recommend Hello. I mean, 'Hello from the outsideee~'. Geddit geddit?

You can pretty much guess what happens next.


Wow, it's 2 am now, i better go to sleep. I'll continue the labor story in the next post.


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