My twin birth story - Part 2


Assalamualaikum w.b.t 

I am at the library and i suppose to do my research reviews now but i am not really in a mood for journals right now. Gonna take a break from journals for a while and continue my labor story. 

October 16th, 2015

4.30 am

I went to the toilet to pee for god knows how many time already that night, but this time it’s kinda funny. The pee just won’t stop. Then it hit me, oh my god, this is not pee, my water just broke! I started feeling a rush of anxiety and nervousness streaming down my body. ITS TIME! I texted my husband telling him that i am most probably giving birth today and he needs to come home immediately. I also called my mom whom sleeping downstairs and tell her what happen. 

She told me to get ready and get everything i need, thank god i have my hospital bag ready. An hour later i’m already on the hospital bed getting myself inspected. Told the nurse all the important details about my pregnancy since this is not the hospital i went for my routine check up i gotta make sure all the necessary information is being passed on. I was already 4cm dilated at that time and i felt nothing. No pain what so ever. 

I was only 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant therefore it’s crucial to get a dexa injection to mature the babies lung. Hated that part, one of the most painful thing i have to endure during the whole pregnancy and there’s two dosage of that! 

7.00 am 

The gynaecologist that i requested came and we did the final ultrasound scan to determine the babies weight. I was told that if my babies weigh less than 2 kg each, i need to deliver at the government hospital. I’m not sure why but they probably don't want to risk having any complications and if the babies weigh less than 2kg, there are high chances that the babies will need incubator and incubator at private hospital will cost you bomb. tehee. 

Anyways, both of my babies exceed 2kg and everything is fine, i was sent to the labour room right away. They put the CTG scan thingy on my tummy and the heart beat doppler to monitor the contractions and my babies heartbeat. All this while, i still felt nothing. I still have to wait for my second dexa injection at 5 pm and that is the longest wait ever.

10.30 am-ish

Since i didn't felt any contraction pain, my sanity is still pretty much intact, i can still read Quran to calm my nerves, recite few zikir that my mom taught me and texted my girlfriends. All of them can't believe i am already in labor because who in their right minds have time to whatsapp during labor? lol I get to catch some sleep that i lost the night before. I know this might sounds whiny (slap me please) to mothers who have gone through contraction hell, but having wet bed to sleep on is so uncomfortable and i just can't wait to deliver my baby. Get these babies out already!


Gotta get back to my literature reviews now boo! Will continue in next post. Bye

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