My twin pregnancy story - Pengalaman mengandung anak kembar (Part 2)


Assalamalaikum w.b.t

If you haven't read my first and second trimester story yet, you can read it here. I think the experience of carrying twins during the first and second trimester is almost similar to carrying singleton because their movement is still so light and fleeting, it was easy breezy and quite comforting for me. The real challenge begins once i entered the final trimester.

Third Trimester

As soon as i entered the third trimester, i've already carried approximately 3kg total weight of both of my babies, that's the normal birth weight for singleton baby and i still have a long way to go! My body started to feel like it's going to fall apart lol. Whenever i felt like everything is too much to handle, i kept reminding myself that i am almost at the finishing line. That totally made me feel better.

I was an emotional wreck, thanks to the pregnancy hormones. I cried at the silliest things and sometimes i merajuk-ed with my husband for no solid reason. Sorry husband! Hihi. Despite having restricted movements due to my ginormous belly and swollen feet, i did most of the preparation to welcome my babies at this time.

I totally invaded my bibik's room and turn it into my confinement room, i remember crying while cleaning the room because the room was filled with so many things and it took forever to clean. I read an article about nesting instinct somewhere, and i can totally relate to that. I felt like a mama bear, no one can touch or mess with things that i have prepared for my babies. Things need to be organised, and it annoyed me if things didn't go my way. Pregnant mums are so fun to be with, right?

I have so many other experience to share, but it will make this a super lengthy post so i'll stop here. To all mom to be out there who happen to stumble upon this blog and read this entry, cherish your pregnancy and enjoy every moment of it, go out and have manja time with your husband all you want now because once the little one arrives, your world will revolves around him/her. Be prepared to say goodbye to sleep, and nice handbags and high heels, and say hello to eyebags and diaper bags and sneakers tehee. Also, the most important thing of all, don't forget to recite Al-Quran and zikir everyday throughout your pregnancy, pray to Allah that you will have a smooth and easy delivery.

To all the wonderful husbands and dad-to-be, please give extra TLC to your pregnant wives, entertain their cravings and rub their swollen legs! You know, it ain't easy carrying a baby!

Good luck!

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