That clear blue stick


This is the story of how it all started.

After one month of getting married, i started noticing that i was breaking out a lot, i was feeling very tired and sleepy all the time. It just feels like my energy is drained out of my body and i was feeling super lazy not wanting to do anything and my husband was obviously not very happy about it lol. At first i thought maybe i was still tired from all the wedding stuff that i had to go through until i notice that i am one week late for my period.

'That's it, i am doing a pregnancy test' i told myself. 

I went to the drugstore and bought the most accurate (according to my friend, even Che Ta uses this brand lol) pregnancy test kit and brought it home. I was so anxious and drank a lot of water before i went to bed that night. I woke up at five am that morning to pee and decided to do the test. 

I can still remember how nervous i was waiting for the results to pop up on the screen and was reciting selawat the whole time. Few minutess or maybe seconds later, it's stated clearly on the screen the word i will never forget "pregnant, 2-3 weeks".

I was shaking and in complete shock. Whoaa, i mean.... Subhanallah, this soon? Alhamdulillah, we're fertile! hehe. My husband was outstation that day and initially i wanted to surprise him but i just couldn't keep the news to my self anymore and told him the happy news. I should've wait because i couldn't witness his first reaction but he was very happy with the news and that's enough for me.

Alhamdulillah, yay!

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