Ze Serai



My baby sister is in college now! Errr, what? Makes me feel old already.

So my parents were in town these past two days to send off my sister to her college. I was there as well to give her moral support. Looking at her hostel's toilet condition, I know my decision to tag along is right. HAHA

Oh i shouldn't probably blog about this cause this is suppose to be a secret but whatever. So, after we sent her off, my dad decided to prolong their stay and get some relaxing time here. Oh poor sister, if your reading this, we're so sorry. LOL

I've been obsessing over Serai Restaurant lately, so i decided to bring my parents there for dinner, but of course I didn't pay, my dad did. Hihi. 

However, I am quite disappointed with the Thai dishes we ordered, it wasn't as delish as other 'fancy' Thai restaurant but their Nasi Kerabu was sooo good. I've been there a few times and it is safe to say that their rice selections are all delicious.

Let's stop talking and give more space for photos shall we?

Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah. 
I'm truly and blessed. Can feel the love.

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