HRC bukan Hari Raya Cina.


I have three months in Penang, and aside from work I plan to have a 'little' fun while i'm still here so I did.

I went to Penang Hard Rock Cafe the other day and had a nice dinner while entertained by the awesome live band. The live band was soo amazing.

If you plan to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, make sure that you don't come too early or too late because if you come too early, you gonna have to wait a bit longer for the live band, and you cannot come too late because the kitchen closed at 10pm. But if you plan to enjoy good music and have some drinks, it's better to come after 10pm cause the live band starts at 10pm.

And for me, we came at around 9.30pm so the timing is just right. We got to enjoy dinner and the live band at the same time.

before the show started

Don't worry i only ate half of this HALF chicken. This is madness.

Salmon steak

I forgot to take picture of the drinks, but the drinks was oh sooo refreshing and soo good.

Tomorrow's friday. Oh lovely!

* sorry for the bad picture quality. photos taken using my blackberry.

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