What makes me happy - July


Initially, I put the post title What makes me happy - June. I totally lost track of time.

July is here and I'm overwhelmed with work and few stuff going on around me, so I thought I'll just blog about everything in one post.

So far, July is a happy month for me. I am truly grateful that I am blessed with so much happy things in life, wonderful people around me. Alhamdulillah.

Currently crashing at Opah's place now because my house is under renovation and it's so dusty and unliveable. Staying at Opah's means i need to spare space for newly stored fat. *sigh*

So here's what happen in July and some pictures during end of June.

Our obsession : Ayam Penyet.

my sister's fat tummy

I swear if i can eat those bones i'll eat them. They're soo yummy.

Tutti Frutti after Ayam Penyet is a must.


SMS ugutan

Bestfriend forever and ever and ever ever ever.

The Pengantins

Visiting Kecik's niece

Dua budak gemok.

How's July treating you guys? Have a nice day everyone :)

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