Hey, you know what?


I don't do high school drama fights. I just don't. My time is too precious for that.

You know what I don't understand? YOU, yes You. I've been keeping a lot of things inside, I went so far away just to get rid from both of you but you can't seem to let everything go, so here's a little word for you.

You were banished from my life long time ago, and i'd rather think of you as a piece of thrash that brings nothing good to me. The last thing i want to hear is anything related to you. If you're happy then good, I'm glad. If his mother, his father, grandfather or even his cat liked you, yeah you should go ahead and celebrate if you want. It has nothing to do with me and you don't have to tell me cause I just simply don't care.

I always knew that you don't like me, and good cause the feeling is mutual but i think that you have gone too far. Keep all your insecurities to yourself, don't waste your time stalking my facebook, laugh at my pictures or scrutinize my wall posts and comments. What do you get? I mean, why do you hate me so much? What did i do to you?

If you think by pretending to be somebody close to me, I will bitch about you, you're wrong. You'll never get it from me. You know why? Cause my mother taught me better than that.

I would love to hear nothing from you ever again. Just be happy with what you have now, save all the resentment to yourself, I don't need any of that.

I'm happy, so let me be.

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