I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief now. After being hit by thunder storm, I finally manage to put the kitchen back together.

I always wanted a cozy kitchen where all family members can gather and make nice meal together, having fun in the kitchen. To me, that is what kitchen is all about.

So this is how it looks like after, I wouldn't dare to put the before picture. I know this is not the prettiest kitchen in the world, but I'm very happy with it. I got the mini kitchen island/mini bar, the double door refrigerator, the lighting is gorgeous, and it has a lot of storage. It's... erm complete.

I just can't wait to cook!

The bar needs stool.

* * *

Meanwhile, we also did a mini makeover to our bedroom. It is not done yet, we have the wallpaper changed, and install a wood floor replacing the old carpet.

I'm super duper excited to decorate the room. I have few ideas in mind. Will blog about it soon :D

I still have the entire living room and three bedrooms unfinished. Die.

Happy fasting guys :)

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