Planning a trip with my girlfriends is never easy because all of us have our own set of priorities. All of us are busy with study, work, internship and all but finally we managed to gather (but unfortunately not all of us) and plan our short holiday to Penang. Yay!

I know, I've been to Penang thousand times already but I just love Penang so much, when they suggested Penang, I said yes almost immediately. I don't know why but Penang have a special place in my heart, I love the place, the food, the cultural thing, the beach omg the beach. It got me. 

My friends gathered and had a sleepover at my place before we head off to Penang. My perents 25th Wedding Anniversary happen to fall on the same date so we had quite a celebration. 

We booked a three bedroom apartment at Feringghi at a very affordable price and the location is just strategic, it's located in front of the Hard Rock Hotel. There are few 'circumstances' with the apartment but we managed to get trough it and still enjoy our holiday.

Nasi Kandar is a must when you go to Penang so we had our Nasi Kandar at Nasi Kandar Beratur and it was delish. The next day, we decided to hit the beach and the swimming pool, of course. We had lunch at Hard Rock Pizzeria, and the Pizza there was amazing. If you go to Penang, go to Hard Rock Pizzeria, that place is a total hit. On a happier note, the price is soooo affordable. 

We also went to Bukit Bendera. We were lucky that it was weekdays and there were not so many people there and the weather was nice, so everybody was happy and chirpy. We also went to Straits Quay, it's kind of a new harbor in Penang and it awe-someee. I love it. It has a very beautiful seaview, boutiques and fancy restaurants and cafes. We went to Delicious for hi tea and dessert indulging session there. It was FUN!

At night we had a barbecue on the beach, and being the fatty that we are, barbecue alone is not enough to satisfy our wild tummy, we head straight to Gurney Drive for some Pasembor and Rojak and boy, our tummy were so full we had problem sleeping at night the whole room ended up smelling like minyak angin.

I had a lot of fun with my girls. I'm planning the next trip in my head already. haha.

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