You know my name, not my story.


Sigh, It's funny how people who know the least about you, always, i mean ALWAYS have the most to say. 
I've received an anonymous comment in previous post, and it's such a pity that this person has so much hatred for me but still wanna waste time reading my blog. Hmm the IRONY. Hehe
Anonymous : 
'Tak habis habis nak buat cerita yg mesti ada kaitan dgn ex boyfriend la breakup la, you just made yourself look so cheap. If you already moved on, then yea you did. But keep it on your own. Stop talking about your pasts. It's just so lame. So corny.'

I am puzzled by this anonymous comment. I tried to rationalize the comment but i found dead end. Whatever, God bless you, anonymous. I'm sorry if I annoy you with my point of view, and my story. Keep reading if you want, but one thing for sure, the red X button on the upper right is there for a reason. 
Peace  :)

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