My dad bought lamb shoulders the other day so we decided to have an extra special dinner cause it's not everyday that we get the chance to talk and just enjoy cooking together in the kitchen. 

We made lamb chop with mushroom gravy, roasted tomato, onion rings and iced chocolate. The food wasn't superb but it wasn't so bad either. Nevermind, what's more important is the good time we had.

I also couldn't help but notice the weather is scorching hot lately but it's a very good reminder for us. No?
And what's lovelier in a hot weather than ice cream? 

We went to Haagen Dasz, De Garden Ipoh and ordered their fondue but I was a little bit disappointed. It was way too overpriced (obviously) and their service was blegh. The portion of cakes and fruits were small, i feel like it's not really worth it. But it tasted soo good, no doubt about that.

Good week, lovely food 


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