Mother Nature


It's a known fact that me and the jungle don't gel. We are not 'sympatico' at all. HAHA

However, I survived this trip to Taman Negara last weekend, Alhamdulillah. Being me, I don't really have much sports attire and I don't bring my sports gear to my house in Shah Alam therefore I look like a foreign particle in the jungle. 

Yours truly. Trying to blend in with the mother nature.

As soon as we arrived at the resort, had our lunch we went straight to Sungai Tembeling to do Rapid Shooting. Now, here is where the fun part begin. We were boat riding upstream to the Tribal Village and passed by few rapids and the boatman will 'rempit' everytime they pass by the rapid. It was really scary but definitely a wet and wild experience.

Next we went to the tribal village where Batek tribe lives. It is surprising to see that they are still maintaining the tribal culture. We were briefed about their lifestyles and whatnot. One of the interesting fact about orang asli is their marriage custom. 

Do you know that, if a couple wants to get married, the groom must build a tent far inside the jungle and brings the bride to spend the night in the jungle to 'discuss' and to see whether they are compatible or not.
If the bride doesn't get along very well with the groom, they will not considered married. As for the bride, they must be able to cook this type of ubi called ubi gadong which is poisonous. If the ubi is not cooked properly, it can cause death.

You see, marriage is a life and death matter for tribal people. Hihi

Giant milipede :s

1. Flower that grow on the ground. It doesn't have any tree.
2.Illuminated fungi,
3. The  Legendary Ubi Gadong,
4.  Random herb for pregnant people.

It was fun, you guys should come and visit Taman Negara, Pahang. :)

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