Thai Assam Fish



You can tell that i am extremely hungry when i'm writing a review about restaurant and food in the middle of the night. hehe

Few weeks ago I took opah to come with me to Shah Alam cause she wanted to spend some bonding time with my auntie who lives in Shah Alam, so my auntie took us out to this one awesome restaurant at Section 7, Shah Alam.

Le Opah, The queen of our hearts <3

I usually have this weird instinct that a dodgy looking restaurant always serve great foods and again, my hipothesis is proven this time. This restaurant is not a fancy looking restaurant, it's a very plain chinese mix thai restaurant but boy, the food was so good. 

I would say the star of the night was the famous Thai Assam Fish. Gosh, im drooling right now. I also like the sotong goreng tepung, eventhough it is battered, but the batter was so light and crispy. The butter prawn was good as well, especially the crumbs. Oh delish!

If you're a UiTM student and wants to find good restaurant to bring your family to eat, i would definitely recommend this place. It awe-someee! :D

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