Road Trip To Singapore


This is a late post, obviously.

So, after I finished my final exam, I decided to have a little 'fun' time with my girlfriends and we choose to go to Singapore. Being a student with *ehem* limited amount of money, this trip is definitely a trip bajet for all of us.

Now, let me tell you how you can go to Universal Studio Singapore with budget less than RM500. 

We drove all the way to Johor Bahru and we decided to travel early in the morning, 2 am, to be precise so we don't have to book hotel that night. The journey to JB took about almost four hours drive. 

 We reached Johor Bahru at around 530 am, freshen up a little bit, Solat Subuh and off we went to JB sentral and took our bus to Singapore.

We reached Universal Studios at 11 am sharp, yeah we took a longggg time waiting for bus to come

We went to Sci Fi park first because my friend is itching to go for the Transformer Ride, and it was soo cool. The 4D effects seemed soo real.

I also tried both of the roller coaster with my eyes wide open and i felt so WILD. Hahah. My dad will not be very happy about this i'm sure. We also tried so many other things i lost count of it. 

There were also many restaurant serving halal food, but we choose Mel's Drive In and the burgers there were so yummy, satisfying and affordable too. 

Far Far away Kingdom

Waterpark. Good show.

The Parade
Total expenses for this trip per person.

RM 50 for Hotel ( We stayed at Putri Pacific Hotel in Johor Bahru )
RM 50 for toll and petrol (total)
RM 5, tix from JB to Singapore

RM 300 convert to SGD 140 :
SGD 78 for USS tix
SGD 5 for bus tix return
SGD 15 for food
Balance money for souvenir

I had fun despite feeling extremely tired because I didn't get enough sleep due to 'extreme' studying for the final paper the night before and another sleepless night of driving to JB, it was still an awesome trip. Being with my girlfriend is a total joy and i'm looking forward for more road trips in the future.

Love you guys, for His sake :)

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