Aidilfitri Celebration



Time really flies, it felt like yesterday we started fasting and now we're in the month of Syawal. Let's pray that our ibadah during the holy month of Ramadhan will be accepted, Taqabal Allahu Minna wa Minkum.

Like every other year, we had a joyous celebration of Syawal. I live in a Kampung, besides my grandmother's house to be exact because my dad is a mommy's boy, he can't stay far from his mother so every year all of our family will gather at my Opah's house and my house to celebrate hari raya. 

Therefore, i never had this "balik kampung feeling" because my 'kampung' and my house is separated by this tiny little fence, sigh what a bummer but im glad i dont have to go through the massive jam since my kampung is just five seconds away and i can have opah's marvelicious cookings all the time. muahahaa. 

What's unique about Hari Raya at my house is we serve KFC on the first day of Raya, I don't know where does he get this idea, but my dad said it save the hassle of serving foods plus kids love KFC. Hmmm, why not? 

We also had BBQ during the second night of Syawal, where all of my relatives from my mom's side and dad's side will gather at my house and just beramah mesra and mengeratkan silaturrahim. Cewah. It was really nice to be around our family, have nice food and get lotsof duit raya. 

Raya without bunga api and mercun is like ketupat without rendang, still awesome but not complete, so my auntie bought two giant mercun just to make our happy day happier. It was awesome, I love Raya.

So here are some pictures taken during this year's hari raya.

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