In her shoes


It's amazing, you know thinking how His timing is always perfect.

I believe that every single event in our life is perfectly planned, non- random and purposeful.

He is Kind. He is so Kind. He calls upon me when I needed Him the most. He Knows. He Knows
what's reveal and what's conceal.

Everything kinda makes sense now.

Maybe He put me in different situations so that I know how it feels to be in other person shoes, how it feels to be on the other side of the story, How difficult it is, knowing that we're are all struggling the same battle.

I was judgemental, i hope i'm not anymore.

It's funny, one minute you're on top of the world, the next minute you fall far below the antartica line. But it's good to know that He's always there to give me comfort. That He remains, always :)

I shall not despair for i know His mercy is everywhere. I may know what I want but He Knows what I need, so i put my complete trust in Him, hoping that He will give me what's best for me.

Somehow, i know this feels right for a reason.

Subuh's here. let's.

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