Happy tummy



I'm sure this Syawal most of us has ballooned up and add up few kilos, yeah, including me, I guess. I wouldn't dare to go near the scales to avoid being disappointed with myself.

After days of eating like mad cow, I've finally come to my senses and watch my eating, so I made few 'so-called' diet food and avoid eating rice but it lasts only a week. -________-"

Grilled Salmon with Yogurt and Cucumber sauce.

Beef Tortilla and Mediterranean Salad

Cherry and Strawberry yogurt shake

One thing I like about this kind of meal is it's very simple but tastes really good. I believe in order to eat healthy, you don't have to restrain yourself from having a delicious meal, just be creative and you can have healthy and yummy food on your plate.

Happy tuesday ! :)

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