Good old friends



Syawal has finally come to an end and these are probably ancient photos because it was taken few weeks back during our Hari Raya visit to my friend's house, Tia. 

It was fun catching up with old friend that I haven't met since I left my MRSM days. There are few of them  in a working department already. *sigh* these people. 

5 years haven't change anything about all of them - personality wise but of course all of us have mature a lot and have a promising career ahead, InsyaAllah.

We have future doctor, accountant, pilot, engineer in the house. I wish all the best for all my dear friends. 

My girls. love them to bits

Next year's Petronas Iklan raya

Aww, isn't she the cutest?

I had a bad tudung day, my face looks so round :(

Group hug! 


Twins separated at birth.

Happy friday everyone :)

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