Room raiders



I am, by no means an expert or a decor guru, well everyone knows that, there's no need to state the obvious here pfft but I just wanna share with you guys what I did to my bedroom after the 'so-called' makeover. I know, the changes are not so vava voom but I'd call it 'an improvement' since the previous one was a little ermm.. old?

I've chosen almost the same color as the previous wallpaper but opted different design. It's plain and simple and easy to incorporate with the bed, the dressing table, curtain, bed sheet and all.

This dressing table wasn't actually a dressing table and it wasn't in black as well. Since my dad ordered new furniture for our living room, i feel sad for the old furniture so i took this one, paint it black and now it can stay happily in my bedroom. We had to buy separate mirror and that one is from IKEA.

It's very simple, less crowded than before but I love it, it's easier to manage, have more space, it's cozy and it's kinda my style.

RIP my old filthy carpet. haha

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