Bidadari Dunia



Yeap, I was there!

I attended this Convention last week called Kovensyen Bidadari Dunia and boy, was that fun. I mean in a good way fun.

It was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and I went there with my bestfriend and my cousin. It's a 2 days course (during weekend) and divided into 10 slots and 2 forums. Bayaran cuma RM100 sahaja untuk student and it's worth every penny sebab speaker yang diundang semuanya professional dan sangatlah best.

Antara speaker yang di undang ialah Ust Siti Bahyah (Semanis Kurma) , Dr Muhaya (Mata ke Hati) , Ummi Rose ( Penyelaras Raudhatus Sakinah), Wardiana Safiyyah, Catriona Ross, Irma Hasmie, Ustazah Firus (Ustazah Pilihan) dan ramai lagi.

I sebenarnya dah lama dah teringin nak pergi islamic program like this and when my roommate told me about this convention I was so happy, I said yes like almost immediately. I learnt a lot of new things there and being in the same hall with thousands of girls with the same intention to learn more about Islam makes me feel blessed. 

The convention was organised by which is a website developed by aspiring Malaysian muslim youngsters and MashaAllah their effort to spread the beauty of Islam is very much admirable.

I had an amazing experience joining this convention and look forward to join another convention next year, InsyaAllah. 

Saudara Nur Imran Koyube, CEO He's only 25 years old and already a millionaire. How cool is that?

My excited face :p

Bakal bidadari-bidadari dunia seterusnya syurga, InsyaALLAH

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