Madinah Al Munawwarah


Madinah Al Munawwarah. The Radiant City.

When I decided that I want to change to be a better version of myself not long ago, I prayed to Allah asking Him to guide me and let me stay under His guidance and His blessings and I wanted so badly to perform Umrah. I remember saying this 'Ya Allah, I want to be your guest. Please let me be your guest to your house' soo many times and Alhamdulillah, He answered my prayers.

I went there with my whole family, aunties, uncles and family friends and my father arranged the whole journey cause we did not use any travel agent. As soon as we reached Jeddah, we head straight to Madinah and spent five days there. 

In my opinion, Madinah is a very well organised city, very beautiful and calm and less hectic compared to Mecca and as I entered Masjidil Nabawi (The Prophet Mosque), I can't help but fell in love with the mosque all over again. It's very beautiful mosque and the ambiance is very peaceful and serene. MashaAllah tenang rasanya kat sana.

I am soo happy that I get the chance to visit Raudhah twice this time around, Raudhah is the heart of Masjidil Nabawi where Nabi Muhammad saw and His companions ( Abu Bakar As Siddiq and Umar Al Khattab) were buried and this place is also considered as one of gardens of Paradise and one of the Mustajab place to make Du'a.

We also went Ziarah around Madinah city, we went to Quba' Mosque, Date farm, Jabal Uhud, Baqi' Cemetery and also the Qiblatain Mosque. Quba Mosque is the first mosque in the history and it was built by our Prophet Muhammad during his hijrah to Madinah. Another fascinating place in Madinah is The Jabal Magnet, it is said that this is the world's largest magnetic center and cars can be sped along even in neutral gear along this magnetic zone. Amazing.

And oh, before i forget, a very important tip if you're planning to go to Makkah and Madinah, Abaya in Madinah are wayy cheaper and prettier than in Makkah. Just so u know, hihi :)

Masjidil Nabawi

Quba' Mosque

Date Farm

With the awesome Mutawwif, Ustaz Abdul Aziz at Jabal Uhud.

Jabal Magnet

Qiblatain Mosque

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