Makkah Al Mukarramah : Umrah Experience


We began our journey to Makkah from Madinah by stopping at the Miqat at Dhul Hulayfah to set out Niat and perform sunnah prayer and resume to be in Ihram state. The journey from Madinah took about five
hours and we spent time recitingTalbiyah in the bus.

When I was attending a Tazkirah back in Madinah, I remember the mutawwif, told us to truly embraced every moment we have on the way to Mecca by looking back at our past, how much blessing has Allah given us, how much we have sinned, what deed have we done, and to be thankful for what Allah has given us and to seek forgiveness for the sin we have done in the past. That way, we come as His humblest slave begging for His mercy and His forgiveness.

Along the journey, we recites talbiyah and it is best if we can recites it loudly and enthusiastically cause all the mountains, plants, land will be the witness and testify that we have answered Allah's call to His home.

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the Kaabah for the first time. I was stunned, I felt so small while standing in front of this majestic statue and I began to cry. It was a very emotional moment, realizing how much I have sinned in the past but Allah still give me this HUGE opportunity to meet Him, to be His guest in His house, to repent, to ask from Him anything I want and in that moment I know Allah loves me and He wants me to turn to Him, to ask from Him, to complaint only to Him.

We proceed by performing the Tawaf. Tawaf is one of the condition where I felt so close to Allah, I felt like I was talking to Him, pouring out all my love, gratitude, wishes, complaints, EVERYTHING. I prayed for all of my family, my good friends, my teachers, everybody. I wished everyone goodness in this world and the world hereafter. Words can't describe the feelings of going around Kaabah telling every single thing to the Special one in your heart. It gives me teary eyes even writing about it right now.

After finished with Tawaf, we went to the Multazam and perform Sunnah Prayer there and make du'a. Multazam is one of the Mustajab place to make du'a and it's located between the Hajarul Aswad and the door of the Kaabah. It is also sunnah to drink zamzam water till you're full before you proceed to Sa'i

Sa'i is one of the compulsory part of Umrah, where you have to walk from Safa' to Marwah for seven rounds. Sa'i relates to the story of Siti Hajar and Nabi Ismail when Nabi Ibrahim left them in a deserted place where no water can be found and Siti Hajar climbed up to Safa then to Marwah, seven rounds seeking for water for her son, Ismail.

After finished Sa'i, another pillar of Umrah is to Tahalul where parts of hair is cut or shaved for men and the umrah is complete.

This experience turned me to a whole new direction, I have clearer view towards Islam, I have witness it's beauty, I have felt it's powerful impact, I've experience the amazing feeling being around Masjidil Haram, being surrounded by the powerful positive energy, the barakah.

How I wish I didn't have to leave. Thank You Allah. I love YOU, and I wish to go back to Your home. InsyaAllah.

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