Banana leaf


Assalamualaikum :)

I am not the kind of person that can get along easily with just anyone. I am awkward and quite shy, really. It took me forever to be close with new friends i met. I can only hold a conversation for few minutes before things become awkward. I am just weird like that. Haha. 

I like to do my own thing. Alone, most of the time. I am happy that way. (anti-social alert)

But if I know a person long enough to trust and be very comfortable with, I can be quite crazy. I loveee to laugh and crack stupid jokes and my best friends can verify that.

This girl right here is one of them,

She is the kepoci one in the group, always with the latest gossips. lol

Even though we do different things now and stay at different places, we always find time to meet up to know everyone's latest updates, who started dating, who is in the middle of a relationship crisis, who have got a new crush. You know, important things like that hehe

Last weekend, we went to Sri Nirwana Maju in Bangsar to try their banana leaf rice since my friends have been raving about it in our whatsapp group 

My very excited face -_____-

The banana leaf rice was not disappointing in fact it was quite tasty. I loveee the fried bittergourd and the kuah kari ikan. Ugh, writing this makes me want them right now!

haha admiring the aney

There were so many people at the restaurant, so we decided to continue gossiping at Chawan.

My Bestfriends ( These are just half of them)

I am forever grateful to Allah SWT to be surrounded by all this lovely people, MashaAllah. I have been friends with them for eleven years! We have gone through ups and downs, tears and joy together and I hope for many more years to come.

I love my bestfriends. They're priceless :)

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