Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I'm sure everybody notice that the weather is scorching hot lately, sometimes to the point that it is unbearable to be outside in the middle of day.

I am down with flu and sore throat as i am writing this. I guess my body does not tolerate this hot weather very well. 

However this hot weather serves as a good reminder that this 'unbearable' heat is just a tiny weeny fractions of the bigger and greater torments in the hearafter, The Hellfire. God is great, May Allah protect us all.


Unfortunately, this sick girl still needs to eat. I decided to make a warm and hearty meal to comfort myself. I actually felt a lot better after preparing my food.

I made lasagna bolognese for dinner and had plenty of leftover for lunch today. 

It was good. 

This hot weather makes me wanna be at home so badly.

So calm and peaceful. Sejuuuuk je.

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