Very Belated Birthday


In our house, it has become a tradition to celebrate each and everyone's birthday, and last Thursday we finally found time where everyone can sit at the same table, talk and enjoy each other's company. 

Thursday is also our masjid-hangout day, so we decided to head straight to dinner after. It was my time of the month so I was the one responsible to buy the cake for the birthday girl.

The initial plan was to dine at JM Briyani tapi boleh pulak nasi dah habis, so we had to change the plan. Since the Birthday Girl loves Ayam Penyet so much, we decided to have dinner there instead.

She had no idea that we're going to surprise her with a birthday cake.

 Birthday Girl
We really don't know how to surprise her with the cake and when one of my friends took the cake to our table the situation became very awkward and i just couldn't stop laughing. 

Mmehh ruined the surprise. 

My Housemates

When you decided to change for the better, Allah swt will send all good people to be around you and Subhanallah, His promises is true. 

He sent to me my roommate and my other housemates. These are amongst the people that keeps myself in check, tells me all the good islamic courses and talks to go to, and we tell bedtime stories too ( girls stuff you knowww). I am just so grateful to have them in my life.

Happy Belated Birthday, Lala. 
Uhibbuki Fillah :) 

Friendship till Jannah, InshaAllah.

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