Petrosains and The Croods


Assalamualaikum, hi.

My sister is here because it's school holiday this week and I promised to take her to the Petrosains in KLCC.

But poor her, all the entrance tickets were sold out! There were so many school kids there. They just loveee Petrosains.  

While we were on the way there, we got lost for a while (as usual) . I was going round and round around the same area for god knows how many time! It's really annoying. Waze can be crazy sometimes and it shows all this crazy directions. I definitely learnt my lesson. Do NOT trust waze completely, pay attention to signboards. sigh

tapi sampai jugak akhirnya.

We were already starving and my sister suggested that we have lunch at Chillis because she's so teringin to eat there. Layankan aje.

They looked happy. That makes me happy :) 

Our burgers
Since the Petrosains tickets were sold out, we went to watch The Croods instead. 

It was so awesome and hilarious! Seriously, go watch The Croods with your family, siblings or friends during this school holiday. It's a very fun and entertaining movie with lots of good values in it. The characters were soooo cute! 

We had a great time 

Till then,xx

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