Apple lovin


Assalamualaikum, hello.


Yeay, after months of being 'laptopless' my dad finally bought me a new laptop, Alhamdulillah. It's nice to finally get what you want need. This is my first time using Macbook and so far, i am loving it. It's gonna take quite some time to learn how to use it and get used to the Mac operating system but i am doing okay for a beginner, i think.

Life resumes as normal. I am a final year student now, and I just can't wait to finish my study already. Now tell me how does that work? Haha. I know i should be enjoying my life as a student now while I still can because once I enter the working world, i can say bye bye to my sweet me time during long gap hours in between classes, semester break and hanging out with friends. Sigh.

Oh, I want to start eating healthy (again) too. I just don't feel comfortable with my own body because obviously I gained a few kilos during the semester break and it didn't help that I consume outside food more often now.

I know I have few changes to make, starting from this meal right here.

Chicken wings. I know -______-
The best I can do for now. Have some faith.

And look at this pretty henna art my housemate drew for me. Awww, she is such a sweetheart. I looove it and her  :)

I'm kind of excited to be blogging again. 

till then, xx

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