My favorite place


I love middle eastern food and sometimes craves for it. My family loves it too.

I've tried few other restaurants that serves middle eastern food but in my opinion this one is a winner. They serve authentic middle eastern cuisine, the foods were very flavourful and you'll feel like you were immediately transported to middle eastern country while having all the scrumptious delicacies. ( I might exaggerate a little bit here) 

My favorite pick was this grilled chicken because it was perfectly marinated with spices and yoghurt (i think) and then grilled to perfection. I usually had it with lamb madghout, yoghurt and salsa sauce.

This is Fahsa. It tastes a little bit like curry but richer and thicker with lamb pieces in it. The lamb pieces were so tender and you can dip Mullawah (arabian bread) in it and they taste really good together.

The lamb kebab was okay, i find it a little bit dry, but still taste good.

My visit to Wadi Hadhramawt was never disappointing. Service was good and efficient, waiters were all friendly and the price was quite reasonable too. 

Here is the menu if decided to give it a try.

Love it :)

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