Panglima Benji


One of the reason why i love going back home so much is this little guy,

Meet Panglima Benji, the love of my life.

Don't get me wrong, i do love my other cats but Benji has a special place in my heart because he is more cheerful and 'talkactive' compared to my other cats. He is funny too! The rest of them just eat, sleep, eat again and sleep again. So lazy!

Benji is always so curious and he also likes to play with random stuff such as sweets wrapper, hanger, charger wire and his current obsession is my comb. He will chomp the comb and scratch his face with it until he fell asleep. So cute and funny.


See, happiness just shine through his smile.

How can i not love this?? and oh btw, he has his own Instagram account too!
Follow him on instag : le_benji.

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