The name is Rango.


I'm home. *huge grins*

I'm on my study leave for a week so I decided to come home. This semester final exam's is gonna be tough since it's my final semester and to make it worst the gap between exams is so close, studying last minute won't help.

I've been studying non-stop this past two days so I'm gonna take a break by posting pictures of my baby cat, Rango. Yes, that's the name that i have finally chosen for the baby cat. My mom is very fussy when it comes to naming the baby. Opah told me that I can't name my cat after human names, if not kene bayar fitrah. Sigh, I didn't know that.

We've considered Chito, Tony, Rrraa, Leo, Simba and settled with Rango. Don't ask me why.

Baby Rango with Mummy Honey. Calling Honey, mummy was a bit odd because i used to call her baby honey.

Itchy gum. Everything wanna chew oso.

Penat belajar jalan. So cute I'll put up the video later on


Aiyeee, now where the hell is my lecture note??

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