Talking Rango.


Hi everyone, my name is Rango!

I just turned two months old yesterday. I love my Mommy, Uncle Benji and my (human) family. My family is so cool.

Now that I am two months old, I can walk, run, jump, climb and swing in my cage. AWESOME :)

I also have my own sandbox now. I love to play with my sandbox but I have to poop and pee in it. Euw.

My most favorite thing in the world is to play peek a boo. I also play with balloons, ping pong ball, key chains, onions, ice cubes and my food but they're kinda boring. I also love to run around the house and roll on the floor with my mummy. Yesterday, i climbed four staircase and then I got scolded. I also wants to play with Uncle Benji but Uncle Benji is so lazy. He dowan to play with me :(

I can eat solid food now, I always wonder how it taste like when I watch mummy eat it and now i can taste it. It is so yummy but they told me I can't eat that. They will give me baby catfood to munch on. So unfair!

This is Mommy and Uncle Benji. Uncle Benji likes mommy but mommy hates him. Poor Uncle Benji.

Happy Family.

My father died when I was still in Mommy's tummy, I heard that Uncle Benji looks exactly like my daddy. I love Uncle Benji.

Mommy, what is that on the floor? I always see Angah use it to scare Nana off when Nana refuse to listen to her. Mommy, please don't do that to me.

Mommy, Got Milk?

See, mommy can fly now. I should learn how to do that!

Mommy's out flirting -_______-" but I need to sleep now. Toodles!

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