Weekend wonders


I had a great weekend filled with comfort food and good bonding time with my family.

We gathered at my auntie's house at Manjung to visit my Opah because she was sick but Alhamdulillah she's progressing and now she's getting better.

It was a really good time catching up, Opah seemed very happy to see her grandchildren around. Sometimes that simple little thing we do can make our old folks happy.

We had family lunch together since most of my aunts and cousins are around and when it comes to food, we do it big.

You see my cousin drooling over that Kambing bakar? I mean who had Kambing Bakar Golek for family lunch? Thats quite a festive, I must say.

Ikan kembong bakar with Air Asam. Can't get enough of this goodness.

Had a little BBQ.

I had a fun fun weekend. I made cuppies and roasted chicken for Sunday dinner at home. Will blog about it soon. :)

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