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This week is school holiday but sadly no holiday for me. *sobs*

Since it is holidays and my mum is thousand miles away (mum is in Europe having the best time of her life with her badminton friends) so that left only ayah, and both of my sisters at home. So they decided to come to Kuala Lumpur for some fun-bonding time with err.. me?

I was lucky that I don't have any class on Wednesday and Thursday so I drove all the way to KL to meet them. I am such a good sister, I know. Hehe

I went to Shah Alam to pick up sister number three, then went straight to Legend Hotel to pick Ayah and sister number 2 then off we went to have some yummy steak at Victoria Station for Dinner. I had a great time with ayah and my sisters. Sister number 3 even cracked some hilarious joke and that really made my day. Family are always the best.

BBQ Spring Chicken

V.S Rib Lamb Rack (yummehhh this one)

Lamb Shank (They don't make the best Lamb shank. I've tasted better Lamb Shank at other place)

Victoria Station Steak

Chicken Maryland

so, happy tummy equals to

Happy Face.

The next day, Ayah took us to this nice Arabian restaurant called Al-Rawsha for lunch. The place was nice and you can feel the Arabian vibe once you enter the restaurant. They also play nice Arabian songs for you to enjoy while you eat. Ayah ordered 1 Kg Lamb Madgut, Half kilo of Lamb Mandy, Lamb Kebab and some Grilled Chicken.

I mean, 1 Kg of Lamb just for the four of us? I don't know what has gotten into him. *sigh*

Lamb Kebab

Grilled Chicken

The legendary 1 kg Lamb Madghut

Lamb Mandy

Me and Sister number 2

Me and sister number 3

After lunch, we rushed off to KLIA to pick up mom and I went straight to Negeri Sembilan, where I don't belong *tears*

* pardon me for the bad photo quality, photos were taken using my Blackberry's camera.

i wore :

Grey ELLE top
Black loose blazer from Sungai Wang

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