Of life and everything in between.


I'm feeling rather gloomy now. I don't know why.

Whenever I feel sad about anything, be it life, love, studies etc, I will keep myself acquainted with this book.

" Jangan Bersedih : Jadilah Wanita Yang Paling Bahagia by Dr 'Aidh Bin Abdullah Al-Qarni "

It's a very informative and eye-opening book filled with Quotes and stories about women in general. On how women should behave, the role of women in Islam, and the guidelines for Muslim women to live a happy life. La Tahzan ( Don't be sad )

A wise man once said, Learning is a humbling experience so.. I learn.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. About who I was, who I am and what kind of person i'm becoming. Occasionally, before I go to bed, I will took my time off from everything and everyone, sat down to have a view of myself. Bermuhasabah diri is good to purify your soul.

I learnt a lot of things from this book and one of it was this,

" Perbaiki diri anda maka Allah akan redha terhadap anda"

Improving and changing for the better does take time. It needs courage and determination from within. I tried to fulfill the prayers, avoid the misdeeds, do good to other people, respect the elders and all the good qualities required as a Muslim. I will do my best but I need to do it slowly.

I really admire all the women that have such strong determination to be a good Muslimah, donning the Hijab, and dress modestly and Istiqamah (continuously) doing it. Someday I will, in due time and I am learning to accept the rule, step by step.

Let there be lights for all of us, InsyaAllah :)

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