Tender Loving Care.


You don't truly appreciate what you have until it's gone - true story bro.

I love cats. Cats give me happiness that none (except for my family and my friend) of any other living things in the world can give . There is something so beautiful with those round eyes and fluffy hair that soothes me.

I used to have two cats at home, Onyx and Honey. They're the most loving couple any 'catkind' can have. I swear.

But unfortunately, Onyx died a month ago leaving Honey and all of us behind.

We were devastated but little did we know, God have better plans for us. Onyx died but he left his legacy with us. We found out that honey was already pregnant when Onyx left us and yesterday, the babies popped out from mommy tummy already. *Yay*

And now, I have three cats that need my TLC. How like that?

pregnant mother

and her dead husband.

I am gonna put up pictures of the babies in my blog as soon as the babies turn one month old. I hope both babies survive.

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