Eeney meeny miney moe


A few days ago, I received a heartbreaking news from my sister saying that we lost another baby cat which means only one baby cat survived. Even though the baby cat was only 4 days old, I am quite sad for the lost.

I feel sorry for Honey for not having her playmate aka boyfriend, I know she is lonely so I decided to adopt a new male cat for Honey. So, I browsed through and found these few lucky candidates that are lucky enough to have a new home soon.

And the candidates are :

Awwhh, they're all so cute but I like both ones in the middle the most.

These are Persian Mix Siamese breed, they're not so fluffy. But I like siamese breed color though.

These guys over here, I think they are Semi-flat faced Persian. Look at their tiny nose and round eyes. Grrrr! I love the orange one but I have orange cat already. Cannot tahan la the face so bulat!

This little guy here is so special because he looks just like my Onyx. When I looked at his picture on the Ads, I was immediately hooked. I called his owner straight away and have him reserved for me.

This is my onyx. They look exactly the same, aren't they?

I really don't know which one I should adopt. I really really really want the Onyx clone, but when I think about it again, replacing Onyx with a new cat that looks exactly like him doesn't mean that I get him back. He is still gone :(

Which one eh?

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