Cheating boyfriend with cherry on top. Anyone?


When a guy you love tells you that he loves you, ask them this - Until when?

No, I am just kidding. Just tell him I love you too or something.

Being in a relationship is wonderful, you will feel loved, appreciated. You'll have someone to take care of you, someone to turn to when you're having a bad day, a shoulder to cry on when you're feeling blue. However, many people especially girls were blinded by this feeling that we call love until they can't see what's happening around them.

I had an experience getting cheated on and boy, that was ugly. There were signs that were crystal clear that my partner wasn't being faithful, but again I was in love and I was in denial so I can't see what's coming.

You can see a few differences in you partner (husband, boyfriend etc) if they're doing something behind your back,

1. He don't care anymore - Whenever something wrong happens between the two of you and you feel bad about it and you were sulking, he did nothing to make things better.

2. He's always busy with his phone - Calling and texting all the time and he don't let you near his phone. Whenever he answers the phone call he will go miles away from you and you can see him smiling, giggling like there is no tomorrow and when you ask him who was that. - 'oh, that was Pakngah, Makngah, Opah, Bibik, his cat - whoever that cross his mind' -LAME.

3. He's is not his normal self - If you're the kind of couple that normally have meals together, hang out all the time and spend so much time with each other, you will know how his daily routines are. But when he stops spending time with you, always sleepy during the day, he looks tired, have a lunch date with his mum for like almost everyday, Girls, put on your stalker face and investigate. He might have another mum in his arm with blonde hair carrying new Guess handbag -Just saying.

4. All your close friends avoid you and him - No, that's not because they hate you, but they couldn't face you. They feel sorry for you and wanting to tell you what is going on but they don't know how. Or maybe they're keeping secrets and afraid that they will blurt out the dirt and reveal everything.

5. He become quiet, looks unhappy, buy you things - simply because he's aware with the fact that you have always been a good girlfriend of his, and he is such an ungrateful bastard.

6. Instinct - Intuition is your best weapon. If your gut tells you that something is wrong with your boyfriend, then something is wrong. Don't deny it. If you feel lost and you don't know what to do, ask guidance from God. Remember, Allah answers the dua of the oppressed. Being cheated on is one of the form of oppression.

When you're dealing with cheating boyfriend, please don't lower your self-worth to their level by cursing at him, confronting 'the other girl' or begging him to stop seeing her. Trust me, there is no other sweet revenge than being happy, do well in your life and find someone else that really loves you. Just walk away from him because it's not your loss, it's his.

" A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her " - Marilyn Monroe

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