Hey soul sister.


I am physically, emotionally and mentally tired right now.

I've just finished doing my Environmental report but I still have loads of assignments and reports queuing, waving at me waiting to be done. My Agricultural Microbe's fact sheet is progressing, Alhamdulillah but I still have Biomole report, Financial plans and other reports untouched.


I don't know why but I am such a forgetful grandma lately. I went home last week because I was homesick and I needed to settle few things. It's the norm that whenever I am home, mum will ask me to pick up my youngest sister from school.

Her school ended at 2 pm so I waited outside her school at 1.50 pm. At 2 pm, the pupil started to fill the school compound waiting for their parents to pick them up but strangely, my sister is nowhere to be found.

At 2.15 pm, still a no-show. I got a little bit angry so I went out of the car and waited at her school gate, but she still didn't show up. I freaked out and my heart started pounding like crazy. I was so worried and began to think of all the bad things that might happen to her. I almost cried.

And then it hit me,


I WENT TO THE WRONG SCHOOL!! *slaps forehead*

I went to her old school. I totally forgot that she no longer go there because she's in standard 3 now. So, I rushed off to her new school.

As I entered the school gate, I can see her almost-cried-but-tahan-because-i'm-cool face from afar.

She refused to talk to me along the way home. I had to bribe her with Cornetto ice-cream to keep her quiet and not tell my mum what happened.

She told mum everything as soon as we reach home. What a BAD POTADO -.-"

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